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How digitalization opportunities, lifecycle collaboration and committed people help you navigate in a competitive environment – Valmet’s podcast series discusses industry megatrends, phenomena and everyday stories to bring customers a first-class service experience.


Podcast host: Petri Lakka

Vice President, Services Development, Valmet

Petri works as Vice President, Services Development, and has a decades-long experience in developing services.



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Podcast episode #2 Market outlook in pulp and paper industry

Markets have been going through a lot of changes such as the effects of the Covid pandemic on paper production. In this first episode of 2021, we will talk about the new megatrends and analyze what we can expect from different paper grades in 2021.  Our guests Alejandro Mata, Director of Europe Packaging & Graphic Paper from Fastmarkets RISI and Juho Pyrrö, Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Intelligence at Valmet open up their views on this topic.

Episode #2 guests




Alejandro Mata

Director of Europe Packaging & Graphic Paper, Fastmarkets RISI

Alejandro is responsible for client support and analytics for Fastmarkets RISI's European Forest Products team. Previously, Alejandro was a business analyst for a European fine paper producer. He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management in Brussels.




Juho Pyrrö

Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Intelligence, Valmet

Juho is working in Valmet’s corporate strategy team. Juho has over 15 years of experience in pulp and paper industry. Before joining Valmet in 2019 he was working as a management consultant in AFRY.



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Podcast episode #1 Wood-based fiber - new opportunities 

The growing demand for sustainable materials in packaging as well as in textile materials calls for new innovations in wood-based fiber products.  In this podcast Jarkko Tuominen from Metsä Spring together with Petri Rasinmäki from Valmet - will tell us what is 3D fiber and the new innovations surrounding that. Emmi Berlin from Spinnova opens up their efforts regarding the usage of wood-based fibers in textiles. Listen in and be updated on wood-based fiber product innovations and achieving sustainability targets.

Podcast guests




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Emmi Berlin

Head of Communications, Spinnova

Emmi is in charge of Spinnova’s internal and external communications as well as public and media relations. She has over 15 years of experience in corporate communications, investor relations and marketing.




Jarkko Tuominen

VP Projects, Metsä Spring

Jarkko is responsible for the project focused on developing new 3D fibre products. He has worked for over 20 years in different management positions at Metsä Board, in other companies within the same field and in management consulting.



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Petri Rasinmäki

Director, Board & Paper Machines Technology, Valmet

Petri is heading the board and paper machines technology unit at Valmet. He has been with Valmet for 16 years and before that worked in paper industry both in Finland and abroad.





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