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Rick's Tips - Roll doctor maintenance

"Rick's Tips" are excerpts from Valmet training sessions for operators and maintenance personnel. For the latest training offerings, contact Rick Heitke at [email protected].

Always refer to the roll doctor OEM supplier manual for maintenance information. The following are guidelines for periodic maintenance for roll doctors.

Daily maintenance

  • Check doctor assembly for operation.
  • Check blade for wear. Replace as necessary.

Monthly maintenance

  • Clean out saveall (catch) pans. 
  • Check loading air hoses (if exist) for leaks.
  • Lubricate oscillating shaft bearings as necessary.
  • Check gear motor oil level.

Quarterly maintenance

  • Inspect the pneumatic cylinder (if exists) for operation and leaks. Repair kits are available. Online supplier datasheets for the cylinders are available.

Annual maintenance

  • Maintain oscillating shaft bearings according to supplier instructions.
  • Maintain gear motor according to supplier instructions.

Location of lubrication and maintenance points

Typical doctor assembly with air hose loading

Typical doctor assembly with air hose loading and motor oscillation (shown with optional catch pan and electric heater) B = Grease lubrication with EP additives

Typical doctor assembly with cylinder loading

Typical doctor assembly with cylinder loading and motor oscillation

For more information on roll doctors and their maintenance, contact your Valmet representative.