Valmet Doctor Holder Compact revolutionizes doctoring process

Apr 19, 2011

The construction of Valmet Doctor Holder Compact* combines a 100% composite holder and a 100% composite top plate in an optimal way. This results in excellent profiling properties, allowing the doctor blade to conform to the roll surface being doctored.

The holder has been specially designed for the most demanding paper takedown positions. However, it is equally suitable for all cleaning positions throughout a paper or board production line.

Regardless of the doctor blade type in use, doctor holder compact presents an excellent holder choice. Its large opening allows the use of a wider blade and also makes holder installation easier.

The composite structure has minimal thermal expansion compared with traditional steel holders. This ensures a better doctoring result, regardless of any changes in the process temperature or the surroundings.

Easier, faster and safer maintenance

One of the main drivers in developing the doctor holder compact has been easy maintenance. The holder profile can be easily slid out of the machine, enabling maintenance work on the machine floor. This gives much more space in which to clean the holder and change the hose, in addition to making maintenance safer and faster.

It’s also easy to clean the doctor holder compact on the machine. The construction is sealed, so dirt cannot penetrate the holder. The holder surface is smooth, and the holder does not have any fingers on which dirt can stick. The holder is also corrosion-free.

The holder is equipped with a quick coupling for the hose, resulting in a faster, safer and smoother loading tube change. Made of a composite, it weighs about half of a traditional steel holder and is therefore easier to handle.

A simplified structure with fewer parts

Simple is beautiful, and this also means there are fewer parts that can fail. The construction of the doctor holder compact is revolutionary because it features just one loading tube to carry out both the opening and loading functions. The hose is factory-as­sembled and comes with cold-vulcanized fittings, ensuring a very fast and trouble-free hose change. Having only one hose also means that there is only one air pipe needed to connect air supply, which reduces installation costs. The surface is flat, making it possible to install tail threading blows. The control box always includes an airleak detector to help identify possible hose breaks.

Thousands of holders delivered already

Valmet started the development of composite doctor blade holders in the late 90s. The first product, Valmet Doctor Beam Composite**, which is a combination of a doctor beam and a doctor blade holder, was introduced at the beginning of 2000. Since then, in more than a decade, Valmet has supplied almost thousands of holders to paper and board production lines around the world. Valmet Doctor Holder Compact is now continuing the positive track record.



*earlier known as LiteCompact
**earlier known as FiberDoc