Maintenance services for smooth operations

Maintenance services for board and paper

Valmet maintenance services ensure your machine keep running smoothly. The basic scope of the work is to ensure components are in acceptable condition, saving on long-term maintenance costs.

Preventive maintenance measures ensure your machine is in operational condition. A scheduled maintenance service plan guarantees the quality level of the end-product and machine runnability for 1- 2 years. From receiving to delivery, our specialists can guide you through maintenance processes and selecting spare parts that will be optimal for your paper and board machine.


Valmet Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance services available for different roll types:

  • Deflection-compensated rolls
  • CC (crown-controlled rolls)
  • Swimming type of rolls
  • Suction rolls
  • Spreader rolls


With Valmet’s extensive know-how and state-of-the-art 3D technology, you can achieve even more. This helps reduce vibration levels, lengthen roll regrinding and maintenance intervals, maximize roll cover lifetime, and improve end-product quality. 


QCS Maintenance: Uptime plus extra value by On-site Expert

QCS Maintenance: Uptime plus extra value by On-site Expert

A European mill has found that Valmet’s in mill expert service can improve papermaking performance.

360°Rolls -  performance up, costs down

360°Rolls - performance up, costs down

By questioning their current operating models, paper mills greatly increase the chances of success in the search for lower costs, better availability, and higher efficiency. Valmet’s 360°Rolls approach enables papermakers to achieve better results with a 360° view of rolls and the roll environment.

Maintenance planning ensures availability

Maintenance planning ensures availability

In a major mill or plant investment project, the cost of maintenance planning is just a drop in the ocean. However, it pays for itself many times over through high availability and better results.