OptiCalender Metal Belt - calender for superior quality and light end-products

Incredible potential to save money

The unique OptiCalender Metal Belt features a long-nip calendering technique that provides boardmakers with a major quality and efficiency boost. The possibilities to increase profit with very high surface quality and decrease raw material cost with the increased bulk are evident.

OptiCalender Metal Belt highlights:

  • Higher bulk = less raw material and increased profit
  • Production increase
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • High end product quality with premium price

Operating priciple of metal belt calendering:

The secret behind OptiCalender Metal Belt calender lies in two factors; an extremely long dwell time and the most effective plasticization. OptiCalender Metal belt’s dwell time is 4-15 times longer than with a shoe nip calender and 100 times longer than with a conventional soft nip calender. Effectively plasticized surfaces provide low surface roughness values, good printing quality and a low post-roughening tendency after calendering.

With OptiCalender Metal Belt, the traditional calendering nip has been replaced with a one-meter-long machine-direction calendering zone. The OptiCalender Metal Belt has a smooth, heated metal belt and a thermo roll that calenders both web sides simultaneously in one extended zone.

Metal belt calendering

Less raw material, increased profit

Lighter end product and at the same time same or better stiffness contribute to significant raw material savings. The numbers behind fast payback are hard to believe. The saving potential with production increase, raw material savings and bulk saving can be counted in millions. An article about Zhuhai S.E.Z. Hongta "How about saving millions?" clarifies these figures almost too hard to believe.

Production increase

Thanks to its simple and compact design, the OptiCalender Metal Belt is especially suitable for rebuilds. The calender provides 40 - 60 % more production by removing existing bottlenecks, such as the Yankee cylinder and wet stacks.

Production increase

Easy to operate and maintain

OptiCalender Metal Belt is easy to use. Linear load is the only control parameter that needs adjusting in the calendering process. Two-sidedness can be controlled with temperature. Also the operating window is large. The example in the figure below shows the comparison of coated board calendering (the quality level and bulkiness).

The calender maintenance is also easy because of the opening front. Additionally, the metal belt life time can reach even two years (see article about metal belt lifetime record).

High end-product quality

By using OptiCalender Metal Belt, the board surface quality is outstanding:

  • Excellent macro scale smoothness
  • Even topography after coating
  • Better optical properties
  • Excellent macroscale topography with same or better stiffness.

What more can you hope for? We invite you to carry out your calendering trials at Paper Technology Center. All calendering technologies can be tried out with your own paper or board.

Former ValZone metal belt calender has been included in the OptiCalender family as OptiCalender Metal Belt.