Together we can improve your energy efficiency, without sacrificing productivity or quality.

In recent years, the costs of producing mechanical pulp have increased dramatically, at the same time the prices for some of the main paper grades produced from mechanical pulping have declined.

Because mechanical pulping processes consume such large quantities of energy, even the slightest energy-saving measures can mean great savings as well as a quick ‘Return On Investment’.

Lean is the key to survival, and LeanE is the new Valmet approach for helping mills face this growing cost problem. The Valmet LeanE concept, implemented in joint efforts with mill management, guarantees improved energy efficiency – without sacrificing capacity or quality.


Stated simply, LeanE involves Valmet and the mill working together to develop a long-term investment plan for implementing guaranteed and verifiable energy-efficient pulping processes.


LeanE involves delivering the long-term investment plan in phases, rather than delivering a number of separate investments. Although separate projects may lead to the same conclusion, the long-term investment approach saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. What’s more, this approach produces measurable effects in a shorter period of time.

Efficient products

LeanE is possible because Valmet has the unique range of energy-efficient improvement products and the staff expertise needed to help mills tackle the challenge of improving energy efficiency without sacrificing capacity or quality.