Customer case:

Improved availability, increased production and reduction in waste at a pulp and board mill

Mar 29, 2021

A mega mill with board and pulp production improved availability, increased production and reduced waste with Maintenance Operations Agreement.

We are proud to say we have an engaged, motivated and cohesive team always striving to deliver to set goals. A team lead with respect to keep up the excellent self-drive and motivation we have among us“


Location A mega mill with pulp production line and board production 
Challenge / target The customer wanted to improve the asset reliability. Strong commitment to sustainable development by saving water and energy and to keep emission levels far below the limits set by legislations.

Maintenance Operations Agreement - maintenance management and daily maintenance services covering full Pulp board production lines

  • Lower the costs/ton to produce pulp
  • World class standard in safety and sustainability
  • Improved collaboration
  • Maximise life of equipment, understand and address all production losses and improvement potential
  • Effective & efficient Maintenance Operations - execution of maintenance activities through good planning and scheduling practices
Keywords Pulping and Fiber, Board, Maintenance, Agreements

Reduced maintenance costs by

9 %

Increased production by