Energy process support and optimization

Power Performance improvement for long-term production gains

Valmet optimization services help reduce costs, improve power production and
reduce environmental impact. Our process optimization solution comprises 6 key areas: Combustion optimization, fuel power optimization, steam network
optimization, district heating network, energy management and environmental

Challenge: Reduce fuel costs and adapt to environmental requirements

Power generation is a challenging business environment with:

  • Rising fuel costs and aging production assets
  • Shortage of advanced expertise
  • Difficult investment environment
  • Need for flexibility to quickly adapt grid load and heat/electrical output
  • Tightening environmental legislation such as the EU Industrial Emission Directive (IED)

Solution: Valmet’s Power Process Optimization solution is customized to your goals to minimize fuel costs and get the most value from existing production assets

Valmet works with you to achieve your process and production goals:

  • Get the most value from existing production assets
  • Find cost-effective alternatives to major capital expenditures
  • Meet targets for decreasing emissions
  • Improve combustion stability and efficiency
  • Improve stability and efficiency of industrial steam and district heating networks

Benefits: Lower fuel costs, reduced emissions, improved production

  • We help you identify potential optimization areas and their business impact
  • We work to optimize the agreed processes to deliver a surge in performance to ideally exceed set targets
  • We continuously monitor and optimize processes to sustain long-term savings