Lignin production with LignoBoost®


Wood is a composite of cellulose fibers embedded in lignin, a natural glue that keeps the fibers together. Lignin is an excellent replacement for many fossil-based materials and large-scale production of lignin can therefore help lower the carbon footprint of a wide range of products. Kraft pulp mills can produce high-quality lignin with LignoBoost®, Valmet’s patented technology for producing lignin from pulp mill black liquor.

Lignin is a natural material produced from wood. When lignin replaces fossil-based materials, fossil CO2 emissions are lowered.

Lignin can create new value streams for pulp makers, and help create a wide range of new, carbon neutral products.

Valmet can help you grow your lignin business. We offer studies, pilot tests and small and large plants for production of high-quality lignin.

LignoBoost plants

LignoBoost is a key component in Valmet's lignin production offering, and Valmet has built four LignoBoost plants. Two plants were built for commercial-scale production of lignin while the two recent installations are smaller, and were built to support the development of the value chains around lignin.

LignoBoost is a proven and reliable technology that has been developed with several industrial partners. The world’s first LignoBoost plant was built by RISE (then Innventia). This plant is still in operation and can be used for development work.



Mercer, Germany
1 t/day
Startup 2023


Klabin, Brazil
1 t/day
Startup 2019


Stora Enso, Finland
50,000 t/year
Startup 2015


Domtar, USA
25,000 t/year
Startup 2013


Tailoring the lignin

LignoBoost extracts a pure lignin in a form that allows tailoring into a wide range of qualities. Lignin tailoring processes can be supplied with new LignoBoost plants or installed as upgrades to existing ones.


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The goal of Valmet is to bring our customers’ performance forward, and LignoBoost can help pulp makers create new profitable and renewable products. To learn more, or to get help in developing your lignin business, get in touch with us through the “contact us” pages or your local Valmet office.

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