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Valmet Evaporation Optimizer


The application concentrates on the water evaporation capacities of different effects and the boiling point rise in the concentrators. The raw soap extraction process is controlled for the increased process efficiency. Stable strong black liquor quality is achieved at low specific heat consumption. The washing intervals are longer.


  • Single button management of evaporation

  • Low and intermediate pressure steam

  • As-fired liquor dry solids

  • Strong black liquor dry solids content

  • Intermediate black liquor tank level

  • Vacuum

  • Feed liquor dry solids content

  • Foaming prevention

  • Soaping

  • Evaporation efficiency calculation and reporting

  • Fouling calculation and reporting


  • Decreased fouling, extended washing intervalls

  • Stable black liquor dry solids

  • Decreased specific energy consumption - achieved energy savings


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