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Improves pulp production capacity and reduces operation costs

Valmet Causticizing Optimizer

Valmet Causticizing Optimizer for optimized causticizing process manages green liquor TTA-, causticizing degree-, and slaker controls. Application stabilizes the green liquor density flowing to the slaker.


Slaker temperature control adjusts the lime feed below the boiling point and prevents overliming. Controls are enhanced with Valmet Recovery Liqour Analyzer's (Valmet Alkali R) accurate measurements of the green and white liquor quality parameters. The high causticizing degree achieved describes the performance of the process. The final strength of white liquor is controlled with the green liquor dilution. Resulting strong white liquor decreases the dead load in chemical circulation and improves the efficiency of the cooking process.


  • Decreased standard deviation of green liquor TTA

  • Maximum the causticizing degree (CE%)

  • Lower standard deviation of AA in white liquor

  • Eliminates overliming

  • Prevents boiling in the slaker

  • Compensates for changes in lime quality

  • Faster recovery after the lime feed breaks

  • Faster recovery time after shutdowns

  • Decreased fouling of the white liquor filters -> fewer filter acid washes

  • Higher production capacity

  • Reduces the pulp mill operating costs

  • Combines the advantages from the continuous (dT) and discrete (analyzer results) measurements for use in control


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