Water and wastewater

Automation, measurements, valves, and pumps

Have you found a partner who can deliver both innovative solutions and reliability requirements for your water and wastewater treatment plants or other water transport applications?

Common challenges in water treatment

Isolation and control are the two most important words in the environmental industry. Mostly, industrial water treatment and wastewater industries include highly abrasive and corrosive applications which call for heavy-duty equipment. On top of withstanding those demanding processes, the equipment needs to be safe and reliable.

For example, most wastewater treatment plants use ozone, UV, or chemical treatment. Each of them presents either high energy costs, issues with turbidity, or chemical handling risks. With heavy-duty products and solutions targeted at this industry, we generate savings in water, waste, wastewater, and process fluid handling while promoting overall safety.

Reliable valves, valve automation and pumps for water and wastewater

We offer flow control solutions that can be customized to fit any application within the water and wastewater industry. Whether it’s protection from abrasive or corrosive applications, our valves will protect the environment while keeping the performance on a high level. Flowrox™ pumps withstand the most demanding process applications while offering safe and reliable equipment you can count on.

With a creative, solutions-minded valve and pump partner, you can make water treatment and the handling of wastewater more sustainable and quieter. Reliable, industry-proven valves protect infrastructure investments from shutdown, safeguard neighborhoods and help avoid any legal or reputational risks of unsafe applications control.

Our valves and pumps are designed to help you safely optimize flow through pump control stations and assemblies requiring special surge equipment and safety shutoffs. They protect against reverse flow or prevent slamming problems. Each valve is designed to reduce clogging, ensure purity and increase reliability. We also provide end-to-end valve packages that resist corrosion and allow easy maintenance access.

Solids measurements and automation systems for water treatment

Valmet offers superior solids measurements and automation systems for wastewater treatment plants based on many years of experience and know-how. Our reliable automation solutions offer instant and continuous wastewater online solids measurement and controls to optimize, automate, and improve the plant process and operations. Valmet's proven technology helps wastewater plants reduce costs through chemical and energy savings, and further advance environmental and public health benefits of wastewater treatment in the community.

Valmet has over 2000 references of solids measurement systems in municipal and industrial plants globally, with great proven results. These applications are used in the sludge dewatering, as well as at the primary clarifier, thickening, and digester process stages. Valmet’s solids measurement systems are backed up with innovative technology, offering reliability to the end customer when optimizing their wastewater treatment plants. Also, Valmet’s professionals work close to customers around the world, having a high service availability.

The Valmet DNA user interface is a live window into the process. It efficiently adapts to the user’s work, enabling them to manage various process situations. Control work today not only includes normal process monitoring and predefined task execution, but also learning, communication, development and information gathering as new tasks for the operator.