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Wastewater treatment automation

Valmet has experience in environmental processes, such as drinking water and waste water treatment that call for new efficient technologies to fulfill ever tighter water quality and requirements.

These types of plants are comprehensive in size especially in cities, where also the neighboring communities are connected to same water treatment entities.

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Superior solids measurement solutions

Valmet’s automation and measurement solutions portfolio includes long tradition of pioneering innovative measurement solutions in challenging process areas like waste water. Working closely with the customers and the industry leaders we have developed the best value providing solutions in the industry.



  • Continuous real-time data
  • Considerable savings
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Polymer reduction
  • Reduction in laboratory sampling
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Short payback time

Valmet goes underground to help treat wastewater

Valmet goes underground to help treat wastewater

The Kakolanmäki waste water treatment plant, jointly owned by 14 municipalities, has been operating in the southern Finnish city of Turku since the beginning of 2009. Since the plant is built underground it has a more constant and higher temperature than surface facilities, a distinct advantage for treatment conditions. It is able to process the wastewater from 300,000 people and various industrial sources in a way that considerably reduces the nutrient load on the Baltic Sea.