South America

In this section you can find information on Valmet's operations in South America, such as key figures and an overview of the market environment and position.

Key figures

South America key figures 2019

Market environment

  • Service growth driven by demand for more efficient operations, environmental considerations and growing trend of mill maintenance outsourcing 
  • Cyclical process technology project business driven by large pulp mill investments. Continuous opportunities in pulp mill rebuilds and upgrades
  • Opportunities in tissue, and occasionally in board, with new lines and rebuilds. 
  • Consolidation in Pulp and Tissue customers

Valmet's position

  • Valmet has a strong position and installed base in pulp mills and services
  • Continued strong competition from regional players expected in Pulp and Energy as well as from Andritz in large new pulp mills
  • Local presence important, especially in Brazil due to customs duties 
  • Target market size: EUR 1.1-1.7 billion
  • Net sales 2019: EUR 0.4 billion (10% of Valmet's total net sales)
(source: Valmet's Annual Review 2018)

Valmet in South America

Valmet in South America

Updated; Mar 23, 2020