In this section you can find information on Valmet's operations in China, such as key figures and an overview of the market environment and position.

Key figures

Market environment

  • Growing services market driven by new board and tissue lines, and demand for energy savings, efficiency improvements and reliability
  • Process technology project opportunities in board, tissue, energy and marine driven by growing consumption, stricter environmental regulation and demand for clean energy

Valmet's position

  • Valmet is the leader in pulp and paper process technology and has a strong position in services and pulp and paper automation market
  • Strong competition from local and global competitors 
  • Target market size: EUR 2.5-2.9 billion
  • Net sales 2020: EUR 0.5 billion (13% of Valmet's total net sales)
  • Employees: 1,872
(source: Valmet's Annual Review 2020) 



Updated; Feb 25, 2021