Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

In this section you can find information on Valmet's operations in EMEA, such as key figures and an overview of the market environment and position.

Key figures

EMEA key figures 2018

Market environment 

  • Valmet’s largest area, with significant services and technology markets in all Valmet’s businesses and a large installed base
  • Services growth potential through broader service offering and agreement-based business and new value added solutions to increase customers' productivity and efficiency
  • Process technology project opportunities in board, tissue, pulp and energy driven by increasing focus on sustainability and growth in packaging and tissue consumption

Valmet's position

  • Leading position in pulp and paper process technology as well as in biomass boilers in energy
  • Leading position in the more fragmented services market and in P&P automation
  • Target market size: EUR 5.5-5.6 billion
(source: Valmet's Annual Review 2018)

Valmet in EMEA

Valmet EMEA locations

See also the map of Valmet's R&D centers in Europe.

Updated; May 16, 2019