North America

In this section you can find information on Valmet's operations in North America, such as key figures and an overview of the market environment and position.

Key figures

North America key figures 2019

Market environment

  • Mature market with large aging installed base creating service demand
  • Rebuild and new capacity opportunities in board and tissue grades. Capacity closures in printing papers. 
  • Continued customer focus on availability, reliability, operating cost and environmental savings in mills
  • Service, rebuild and upgrade opportunities in pulp

Valmet's position

  • Leading position in pulp and paper process technology, a well-established position in the services and automation business
  • Target market size: EUR 2.5-2.8bn
  • Net sales in 2019: EUR 0.8 billion (22% of Valmet's total net sales)
(source: Valmet's Annual Review 2019)

Valmet in North America

Valmet in North America

Updated; Mar 23, 2020