Valmet participates in the Global Cleantech Summit 2015: Moving Forward with Clean Technologies

Aug 27, 2015

The Global Cleantech Summit in Helsinki on 8-10 September will facilitate discussions on the global green transformation and value chains in circular economy.

Valmet will join the Summit to highlight the opportunities that Valmet’s technologies and solutions can provide to pulp, paper, energy and other process industries in creating more value from each processed tonne of feedstock or fuel. Valmet has a unique offering covering everything from process technology and automation to services. The solutions all target maximal raw material utilization and increased recycling, lower energy consumption and increasing use of renewable energy, while at the same time seeking to reduce fresh water consumption, use of chemicals and emissions.

Global megatrends drive clean technologies

In the “Business in the Global Value Chain” session on September 8, Marita Niemelä, VP Strategy of Valmet’s Pulp and Energy Business, will explain how the global megatrends impact the business environment and call for new solutions to resolve the constantly increasing demand of limited resources. She will showcase concrete examples on how Valmet’s technologies become part of value chains within the industry sectors but also beyond the traditional industry boundaries.

“We strive to improve the technologies by providing customized solutions based on modular designs and to create new revenue streams from residues and byproducts,” Niemelä states.

Valmet’s OptiConceptM paper machine is a good example of a concept that combines the advantages of standardization with modular tailoring, which enables the optimization of production needs but also significant savings in energy, water and raw materials compared to conventional technologies.

Valmet’s technologies already contribute to multiple new value chains when making use of by-product or waste streams.

Synergies through value networks

“Lahti Energi’s Kymijärvi II site it the world’s first eco-gas fueled heat and power plant and a great example of how waste can efficiently be turned into energy: it runs solely on gasified recycled waste. Due to the unique gasification technology, the same amount of waste in this specific case yields around 30% to 50% more electricity compared to traditional mass burn efficiency rates,” Niemelä demonstrates.

Valmet’s technologies contribute to a wider value network when industries start to connect in search of synergies and new business potential. One example is Valmet's LignoBoost technology, which makes it possible to extract lignin from pulp production process and to use it as bio-based energy source or possibly further process it into valuable chemicals or materials.

Site visit to Lahti Energi’s Kymijärvi II power plant

In conjunction with site visit to Lahti on September 10, the seminar participants have a chance to explore the Kymijärvi II power plant in live. Read more about the site visits at

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