Dewatering elements for board and paper making

Dewatering equipment beneath the forming fabric helps drain water from the stock and conduct it away into the whitewater system. Proper initial drainage is important whether your priority is to increase production capacity or improve quality, or both. Valmet supplies dewatering products such as covers, complete tables, doctors and showers, for different machine wet end configurations including gravity, low, medium, and high vacuum sections.

Valmet Dewatering Elements of polyethylene

  • We offer our UHMWPe Poly as well as our proprietary long-lasting Poly D
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Available for all OEM designs


Valmet Dewatering Element Poly S

  • UHMW polyethylene suitable for many wet end applications
  • Typical maximum machine speed < 460 mpm

Valmet Dewatering Element Poly D*

  • Outperforms standard polyethylene by at least 4 times
  • Offers tremendous wear resistance
  • Valmet’s Poly D technology is a true polyethylene compound that does not suffer stress cracking or thermal shock damage
  • Typical maximum machine speed < 760 mpm
  • Supplied to 200 mills worldwide



*Poly D was earlier known as EVO2 from GL&V


Valmet Dewatering polyethylene

Poly S covers


Valmet Dewatering Element Ceramic

The efficiency of your dewatering process has a profound effect on paper properties. Valmet offers a comprehensive range of ceramic dewatering elements to suit virtually all positions and machine configurations.

  • Top quality grades of ceramics available
  • Wear resistant materials offer long and trouble-free operation and optimized dewatering
  • Short delivery times
  • Available for all OEM designs
  • Grinding and repairing service available
  • Global support and expertise available close to you


Valmet dewatering ceramics


Ceramic dewatering element positions on OptiFormer multi forming section

Dewatering element positions on OptiFormer multi forming section.jpg

1. Forming board

2. HydroFoil

3. VacuFoil

4. High-vacuum foil box (wet suction box)

5. Support Foil

6. Transfer Suction Box

7. HiVac1

8. HiVac2, HiVac3

9. Top Suction Formation Shoe