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OptiDry Twin impingement dryer

Revolutionary technology for high efficiency drying

OptiDry Twin impingement dryer represent high technology drying, enabling up to 30 % fewer drying cylinders (and thus a shorter paper machine and machine room) and optimized runnability due to higher dry content before cylinder drying. It also provides tools for increasing sheet bulk.

Excellent runnability

  • higher dry content before cylinder drying
  • completely supported web
  • machine line efficiency increases when less breaks

Improved quality

  • gives possibility to increase bulk and save raw material costs
  • draw control optimization

More drying capacity

  • shorter machine and machine room
  • efficient drying
  • makes it possible to use higher steam pressures from the beginning of the dryer section

OptiDry Twin has proved it's efficiency in several references. One of those being Zhanjiang Chenming PM 1 with UWF speed record of 1,808 m/min.

Pearl of the machine

We have a lot of new technology here and
OptiDry Twin is the pearl of the machine.
Without it, the new world record speed would
have not been possible.

Mr. Jia Huadong, PM Deputy General Manager
Zhanjiang Chenming PM 1, China

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