Aqua layering technology

Two-layer sheet with one headbox

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Valmet's OptiFlo headbox with new innovative Aqua layering technology makes it possible to produce a two-layer sheet with very good layer coverage using only one headbox and forming unit. The Aqua layering technology has been developed for the most challenging stratified solutions where layer purity is a key feature. It produces a perfect, disturbance-free, purely layered structure that boosts strength properties.

30% less starch needed

Prevents mixing of stock layers

Enables feeding of functional additives between stock layers

Investment is both cost and energy efficient

How does Aqua layering technology work?

Valmet’s latest headbox innovations – Aqua layering technology – can be used to improve the internal strength of weak middle ply by feeding starch or other additives between the layers. The new Aqua layering technology uses a thin water layer as a headbox wedge to stabilize layers and to form an even film while layers of stratified paper are being joined together. It prevents the mixing of stock layers and also enables the feeding of functional additives between the stock layers.

Principle of the new Aqua layering technology is described in the image, where the thin water layer is used as a headbox wedge to stabilize layers.

Aqua layering
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New resource-saving ideas

This type of layering provides possibilities to adjust the quality and especially strength properties. Cost savings can be achieved, for example, by using different furnish qualities, cheaper raw materials, and functional wet end additives between the layers. Furthermore, as layering is done with one headbox and forming section only, the investment is both cost and energy efficient.

30% less starch needed

At PM1 at Dongil Wolsan mill in South-Korea, the new OptiFlo layering headbox enables feeding starch between the layers. This increases significantly the strength properties of the end product while providing cost savings as 30% less starch is needed for the same strength increase. Read more here.

The Aqua layering technology can be combined with both OptiFlo Layering Fourdrinier and OptiFlo Layering Gap headboxes for optimized end-product quality and cost-efficient production.

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