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Valmet IQ for containerboard

It is critical for good bonding of fluting to liner that the glue achieves a degree of penetration in the paper. Web moisture is one of the factors controlling penetration but difficulties in making an accurate measurement have until now excluded any form of continuous moisture control.


New infrared moisture measurement in combination with temperature can now control the pre-heaters and steam box, minimizing the moisture variations between the top and bottom surfaces that cause bonding problems and final sheet warping. By using specific wavelengths of infrared (IR) to determine water content, fiber and other molecules in the paper web, the new IR sensors have overcome the deficiencies of earlier moisture sensors to provide a reliable single point or cross-directional profile measurements suitable for closed-loop control.

  • Unique measurement solutions for your grade

    • X-ray ash measurement with three detectors (instability issues)

    • Scanning porosity measurement

    • Accurate moisture measurement even in high moisture levels (>11%)

    • Versatile fixed and/or scanning one-sided moisture measurement

    • Fiber orientation measurements and controls

    • Optical caliper measurement suitable also for OCC grades

    • Direct coat weight and formation measurements

Using high-quality lighting and cameras combined with advanced image processing software, Web Monitoring System (WMS) and Web Inspection System (WIS) give you control over the quality of every roll. Defect marking and target stop for finishing lines help you predict and prevent web breaks. Fewer breaks and quality issues give you the confidence to run at higher speeds for optimum production and quality efficiency.

New architecture to combine QCS and WIS into the same system. Common platform for information exchange, and web-interface tools for local and remote maintenance. Besides, that creates new value from the complementary information from different sources.

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Valmet IQ Dilution and Slice Profiler for better basis weight profile and paper quality and raw material savings. Valmet IQ Steam Profiler offers improved moisture CD profiling and saves energy by increasing press dryness. Valmet IQ Moisturizer for simplified and fast board curl control with improved moisture CD profiles and surface properties at the calendar. Valmet IQ Induction Profiler for improved caliper, gloss and smoothness CD profiles together with improved reel build and hardness.

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