High-precision valve control of dilution headboxes

Valmet IQ Dilution Profiler

Valmet IQ Dilution Profiler enables high-precision profile control using intelligent positioning of dilution headbox valves. Specially designed for achieving the best possible basis weight profiles, the IQ Dilution Profiler improves quality while reducing raw material consumption.

Less raw material - Use fewer fibers to get same or better profile quality

Higher efficiency - Make quicker grade changes and shorten startup times

Lifetime precision - High-grade material and mechanics deliver years of top performance

Perfect dilution headbox runnability with better sustainability

The Valmet IQ Dilution Profiler system combined with Valmet’s multi-predictive cross-direction controls delivers consistent quality and dramatic savings. With narrow control of the flow of pulp and dilution water, less raw material is needed to achieve the target profile quality.

An intelligent actuator controller with a closed-loop stepping motor enables fast and accurate valve positioning. You can make faster grade changes and recover faster from disturbances, improving overall machine efficiency and performance. This in turn increases raw material savings with less waste tonnage after startups.

Consistent basis weight profile quality

Featuring a profile control system for adaptive, non-stop positioning of the headbox valves, the IQ Dilution Profiler is specially designed for achieving the best possible weight profile that a dilution headbox can produce. A network of intelligent actuators works in unison across the entire headbox. Precise, powerful micro-adjusters drive the valves that distribute the dilution water.

You can achieve highly uniform basis weight and profiles across the entire width of the headbox, improving end-product quality and machine runnability.  With flatter CD basis weight profiles, printing and packaging machine performance also improves.

Complete dilution system for all headboxes

Experience from over 750 dilution system deliveries goes into every IQ Dilution Profiler solution. Designed to work with all headboxes and grades, the dilution actuators are easy to install thanks to a single locking screw.

The dilution actuators are precision-manufactured in Finland and built to last. Materials are engineered to prevent valve sticking without loss of durability. Robust gear mechanics ensure high precision and fast reaction to controller adjustments over the lifetime of the actuator. The self-locking gear resists deflections or disturbances from pressure pulses.

The IQ Dilution Profiler features automatic actuator calibration with an absolute position feedback sensor at 0.01% resolution accuracy. When used together with Valmet quality control system, you get a full range of advanced diagnostics about actuator status, positioning accuracy, bus communications and the automatic valve washing sequence.