Key themes for sponsorships and donations


Valmet participates in selected programs around the world based on its principles for sponsorships and donations, which have their foundation on our Code of Conduct. Our sponsorship and donations activities are aligned with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in our operations and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Valmet's sponsorships and donations also support the implementation of the company's strategy and strengthen employee engagement as well as its brand and recognition globally.

Valmet's sponsorships and donations focus on defined key themes:

The themes are in line with Valmet's values, must-wins, strategy and sustainability agenda and supported by megatrends identified to impact Valmet's business environment and with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  


Equal opportunities for wellbeing

‘Equal opportunities for wellbeing’ is one of Valmet’s key themes in sponsorships and donations and part of its corporate citizenship. Valmet aims to support the education of teachers and enabling children’s access to schools. The theme also emphasizes our responsibility towards local communities around the world. We believe that increased integration into the local communities results in mutual benefits, not only wealth and job opportunities but also business and other partnerships that are important and beneficial for both Valmet and the local communities. The theme is in line with Valmet’s value ‘We work together to make a difference’ and Valmet’s Must-win ‘Winning team’.


-Save the Children’s Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Dungarpur, India (2020-2021). Read more about the program activities.
-Seasonal donation: Plan International (2020)
-Seasonal donation: Doctors without borders / Médecins Sans Frontièr (2019)
-SOS Children’s Village, Chennai, India (2008-)
-Water filters and computer donation to Keng Zhen Central Primary School, Shaanxi province, China (2015)

Key Performance Indicators:
-Improved customer and brand perception

Save the Children project:
-Number of children removed from child labor and re-enrolled in school
-Number of families and children linked to various government social protection schemes
-Number of campaigns to raise awareness on project topics within local community

Related SDGs:



Towards the future with science

‘Towards the future with science’ is one of Valmet’s key themes for sponsorships and donations and part of its corporate citizenship. The target is to support relevant science and research projects. Cooperation with research, educational institutions and their student organizations helps us to create innovations, promote mutually beneficial interaction and secures the recruitment of talent. The theme is in line with Valmet’s Must-win ‘Leader in technology and innovation’ and ‘Our people’, Valmet’s value ‘We promote new ideas to create the future’ and identified megatrends: ‘Resource-efficient and clean world’ and ‘Digitalization and new technologies’.


Valmet has approximately 40-50 ongoing collaboration projects with universities and research institutes globally and locally.
Our research and development work is complemented by a close cooperation with a network of world-leading research facilities and universities e.g. Aalto University, Jyväskylä University, Tampere Univeristy of Technology, Åbo Akademi and VTT in Finland, Chalmers, KTH, Uppsala University, Umeå University, Mitt Universitet and Innventia in Sweden, SINTEF in Norway, Universidade Federal de Viçosa and Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil, and Asian Institue of Technology AIT in Thailand.
Key Performance Indicators:

-Defined project-specifically
-Amount of engaged local talent
-New products and services developed

Related SDGs:



Protecting the planet for next generations

‘Protecting the planet for next generations’ is one of Valmet’s key themes in sponsorships and donations and part of its corporate citizenship. Valmet wants to support projects and protection programs focusing to ensure clean air and water for future generations. The theme is in line with Valmet’s value ‘We promote new ideas to create the future’ and identified megatrend ‘Resource-efficient and clean world’.


-Seasonal donation: The Ocean Cleanup (2020)
-Social and environmental development projects through Instituto Ecofuturo and Instituto Ayrton Senna, Maranhão, Brazil (together with Suzano) (2013-2017)

Related SDGs: 


Key Performance Indicators:

-Amount of plastic reduced from ocean
-Amount of resources saved