Customer case:

Arkhangelsk BM 2 in Russia is aiming higher in recycled packaging

Oct 7, 2019

After an extensive rebuild from Valmet, the Arkhangelsk BM 2 containerboard production line aims for improved kraftliner quality and production flexibility.

Our direction for the future is to go forward with lightweight recycled packaging. We invested in Valmet’s high technology and know-how to ensure smooth start-up and in order to be able to produce high-quality board right after the start-up. It is better to work with experienced experts with a good reputation and to ensure that you’ll get what you are paying for.”
Dr. Heinz Zinner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill

Summary table

Location JSC Arkhangelsk Mill in northwest Russia
Solution OptiConcept M containerboard making line

A start-up package of paper machine clothing. The automation upgrade comprises Valmet IQ quality measurement system and Valmet DNA process control system.

Results After the rebuild, BM 2 is able to produce 270,000 tonnes a year of high-quality lightweight kraft liner grades with a wide basis weight range of 80–275 g/m2. OptiConcept M board machine has a unique frame structure with a modular design, which decreases construction and installation work costs and time.
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, Rebuilds, EMEA

Technical data

Grades Kraftliner grades
Basis weight 80 – 275 g/m²
Reel width 6 350 mm
Design speed 1 000 m/min
Capacity 270 000 t/a