Spreader rolls for tissue machines

Wrinkle-free operation for optimal tissue quality

Spreader rolls ensure wrinkle-free tissue quality and equal tension-profiles for paper sheets and fabrics. Valmet offers spreader rolls suitable for all applications in the tissue industry where there is a requirement to eliminate creases and wrinkles from the material being processed or to prevent interweaving of slit widths of sheet in the winder application.

Removing wrinkles from sheets and fabrics

Correcting tension profiles

In winder to prevent interweaving of slit sheets

For high quality tissue

In an industry striving to perform and bring top-quality tissue to the market, well-known issues like creases and wrinkles in the tissue can cut down production and impact tissue machine efficiency. Valmet brings its expertise in spreader roll technology to help you overcome these issues and provide safer and more efficient tissue production.

Valmet Spreader Roll M (available globally, excluding NA)

Valmet spreader roll offering (only available in North America)


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