Screen baskets for pulp drying

Valmet develops industry leading screening products and services for the benefit of your pulp drying process.

Pulp quality and cost effectiveness are the key components guiding our screen basket development. In Valmet screen basket family you find the right basket for all your needs at pulp drying.  The full range of tailor-made baskets combined with performance agreement, technical support services and close co-operation is helping you in optimizing the production performance for years to come.  

By choosing Valmet as your screening technology supplier, you will notice the benefits of Valmet's in-depth knowledge of the industry. We consider ourselves as a partner in your efforts to optimize the performance of your screening, in all positions. 

Through continuous coating development, we can provide special coatings that guarantee the longest lifetime of screen baskets on the market.

Benefits of optimizing a screening process

  • Maximum process performance
  • Better process availability
  • Lower screening costs per ton
  • Stable end-product quality

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Valmet Screen Basket NL has a high slot width accuracy and comes with a wide selection of profile wires for all pulp drying applications. It is a natural choice when the desired capacity, pulp quality and fiber loss targets need to be reached.


Valmet Screen basket VF is an energy efficient screen basket with high capacity and ensures targeted pulp quality. 




When stringing is a crucial issue that needs to be resolved, Valmet Screen Basket NS is the right choice. Its accept channel is designed to give low flow resistance and therefore it is the best choice for medium and low consistency machine screen applications.