Field services for heat and power plants

Fast, on-call troubleshooting to planned, practical and strategic undertakings

Regular maintenance performed by experienced specialists will keep your productivity at an optimum level. Our experts are available 24/7 on our emergency service number. Our field services include power boiler maintenance, boiler tuning, air emission studies and tuning as well as inspections, audits etc.

Ensure overall plant availability and efficiency

Dedicated engineers and maintenance crews take responsibility for shutdowns

Improved safety

Findings and recommendations for improvements

We know how every hour of downtime is extremely costly to you and that yearly production must be kept high. During an outage, the right things have to happen at the right time. Our highly experienced maintenance personnel ensure service of the highest quality, with shorter downtimes. Regular maintenance keeps your productivity at an optimum level, around the clock. We know that trust is earned onsite and remotely and is something we need to work on every day.   

Field and maintenance services include:

• Pressure part services
• Environmental equipment services
• Support equipment services
• Shutdown services
• Inspections
To ensure overall plant availability and efficiency, our dedicated engineers and maintenance crews take full responsibility for shutdowns. This includes operations such as planning and coordination of all activities, the use of specialists as inspectors, and performing the replacement and overhaul of equipment.

Shutdown services

Overall planning and execution of your heat or power boiler shutdown. Valmet takes full responsibility for shutdowns, including by carrying out the replacement and overhaul of equipment and process improvement work.

Corrosion & erosion protection

We provide in-situ corrosion and erosion protection services, such as overlay welding, tube shields and refractory, when this is feasible from a cost and shutdown time perspective.

Environmental equipment services

To help you keep up with the IE Directive requirements, we provide rebuilds and upgrades of:

  • Bag-house filters
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Scrubbers

Inspections for heat and power plants

Our inspectors give you a precise picture of the operating status of your equipment. These inspections serve as the foundation for preventive maintenance.

Download Valmet Heat, Power and Gasification Field Services Handbook

Download Valmet Heat, Power and Gasification Field Services Handbook

Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development? This handbook gives you guidance in best practices for keeping your operation in good condition and with service interval recommendations helping you prevent unexpected failures.