Liquor to Liquor Concept

Valmet Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service is our concept for overall planning and execution of your recovery boiler shutdown.

We provide planning, shutdown activities, from start of shutdown until your boiler is up and running again. Our Liquor to Liquor concept can be offered as a complete package or as individual services.

The benefits with our overall planning and execution are:  

  • The right know-how exactly at the time it is needed
  • Cost control and planning
  • Fixed Price - simplifies budgeting
  • All services and materials are available exactly when needed
  • Buy materials in advance, which reduces costs
  • Guarantees quality

Additionally, our Liquor to Liquor service will:

  • Maximize safety
  • Minimize shutdown time
  • Improve/optimize maintenance engineers work
  • Give expert technical skills & know-how