Valmet Boiler Diagnostics Systems for pulp

Valmet supplies continuous temperature measurement and image acquisition products for the pulp industry.

Valmet Furnace Imaging system provides superior online visibility and temperature analysis. The cameras use infrared imaging to provide instantaneous surface-temperature information within high-temperature, particle-laden environments. The system is able to see through obscuring fume and gas, allowing monitoring of developments anywhere in the combustion chamber. This superior image quality and depth of view enables comprehensive observation and analysis at full load.

Easily transportable and able to see through fume, the Valmet Furnace Imaging System cameras can be used to observe anywhere in the furnace and convection pass.

Proven benefits for pulp industry:

  • Smelt bed condition monitoring: blackouts and safety
  • Pluggage and deposit buildup control
  • Large deposit growth control
  • Furnace damage minimization
  • Sootblower performance monitoring
  • Equipment inspection
  • Tube integrity verification
  • Black liquor gun monitoring

Boiler Diagnostics Systems

High-performance infrared imaging systems and temperature measurement tools that enable maximizing combustion efficiency while minimizing unplanned boiler and furnace outages.




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