HD visible camera for combustion management

Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System

Furnace Visible Camera, Burner camera

The Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System is a visible wavelength, light-weight, fully digital imaging solution that provides high-resolution video and analysis for managing combustion chambers.

Lower operating costs - Better monitoring reduces maintenance and boost performance

Reduce risk of failure - Keep close watch of deposit buildup

Optimize processes - Achieve better startups, burner adjustment and more

Rugged vision for maximum availability

The Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System is a robust, air-cooled camera system providing high-definition imaging analysis of combustion process monitoring of kilns, boilers, furnaces and much more. The system is also well suited for monitoring flame/burner applications.

Engineered for durability and longevity, the system provides a low maintenance solution to many complex process challenges. Digital-only data transmission improves reliability of video streams and filters out noise or better image quality. The system can also be equipped for wireless connectivity, allowing operators to monitor combustion from a tablet while on the go.

Create the ideal solution for visual and thermal analysis

The Valmet Visible Imaging System can be configured to meet your needs. The sliding rail mount provides a reliable, yet economical mounting solution with a small installation footprint. The camera system can include automated retraction to protect the camera from overheating if power or air pressure is lost. For installations where camera insertion & retraction are not required, Valmet offers the simplified Furnace Imaging System, Visible, Lite solution.

You can add high-resolution thermal sensing to your combustion management with Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System. Designed for comprehensive observation and analysis of kiln environments, the Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System provides reliable insights from start-up to full load conditions.

Easy combustion management with purpose-built software

The Valmet Furnace Image Processing Suite takes visual and temperature data to a whole new level of value.

The Valmet Basic Viewer offers a simple to use interface for viewing and recording digital video streams. With image colorization, time and label overlays, the ability to draw and mark live images, and much more, this software is packed with useful features.

The Reporting and Analytics tool gives operators unparallel insights into their data. For instance, you can compress an entire day of data into a short video with key metrics, making it easy to assess the events of the day. Once configured, the desired reports are generated with no further actions needed. Reports can also be distributed automatically.

The Visible Thermal Viewer provides high-resolution imaging and temperature measurement. With accurate real-time temperature readings, you can enhance efficiency of kilns, boilers, furnaces, and more. The software supports up to eight visual zones with a unique temperature value for each pixel. Easily record images, view historical trends, lock key settings, and configure temperature threshold alerts.

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