Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System

Furnace Visible Camera, Burner camera

Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System is a visible wavelength, light-weight, fully digital imaging system that provides high-resolution HD video.

Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System is a rugged, air-cooled, visible camera. Designed for high-temperature process monitoring, the Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System streams HD quality, network accessible video of kilns, boilers, furnaces and much more. The Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System is particularly well suited for monitoring flame/burner applications.

Valmet Furnace Imaging Systems are engineered for durability and longevity, providing a low maintenance solution to many complex process challenges. The system can even be equipped with optional wireless connectivity. Using the optional rugged tablet, processes can be recorded and monitored even while in the field.

Benefits of looking into various applications with Valmet Furnace Visible Imaging System:

  • Improved monitoring resulting in reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic failure due to large deposits.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduced unplanned outages.
  • Helps in burner adjustment, flame observation, and startup conditions.


Technical specifications
Camera enclosure 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 20 1/2" (216 x 267 x 521 mm)  
Air filter 6" x 16" x 28" (152 x 406 x 711 mm)  
Standard camera tubes      
HD 64/16 64° FOV, D 1 5/8” x L 16" (41 x 406 mm)
(10"/254 mm in front of heat shield)
HD 64/33 64° FOV, D 1 5/8” x L 33” (41 x 838 mm)
(25"/635 mm in front of heat shield)
Lens performance   
Focal Range 12”  (305 mm) to infinity  
Camera unit   
Framerate 30Hz  
Resolution 1400x1050  
Gain/Level Automatic gain, automatic level  
Video format H.264, Motion jpeg  
Camera Unit 6 lbs/2.72 kg  
Camera + HD 64/18 12.5 lbs/5.67 kg  
Camera + HD 64/35 15.75 lbs/7.14 kg  
Imaging unit/camera 0°F to 130°F (-18 to 54°C)  (non-condensing)  
Air filter system 32°F to 175°F (0 to 79°C)  
Imaging unit/camera 85~240 VAC 50/60 Hz  
Cooling air   
Air supply Plant (service) air (Good), Instrument air (Best)  
Pressure 60 psig (4.14 bar)  
Consumption <60 SCFM (1699 L/min) @ 80 psi/5.5 bar inlet pressure  

Basic Viewer

Valmet Furnace Image Processing Suite's Basic Viewer allows users to view an IP camera stream. The purpose of the program is to offer a simple to use interface for viewing and recording digital video streams.




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