Customer case:

Safe and efficient operation control of the recovery boiler

Feb 23, 2023

A North American mill looking to monitor bed height and shape, and bed temperatures, installed a Valmet Furnace Imaging System, IR, to better monitor its recovery boiler and control the SO2 levels. A service agreement together with the analyzer helps the mill experience little to no downtime with the servicing of its camera.

Recovery boiler bed camera in North America
“Our IR boiler cameras are used to monitor the recovery boiler char bed height, shape, and temperature profile from opposite corners of the boiler furnace. These parameters are critical to safe operation of a recovery boiler and to an efficient reduction reaction for the smelt inside of the recovery boiler. Without these cameras, safe and efficient reaction control of the operation of the recovery boiler becomes increasingly difficult. Daily adjustments are made based on the picture that these cameras give us of what is truly happening inside of the boiler.
Our bed cameras are maintained under a contract service agreement with Valmet. We have seen little to no downtime on the cameras under this contract. Service visits are always well communicated and executed. We couldn’t be happier with our service contract and bed camera performance.”
Mill’s Process Controls Engineer


Location North America
Customer challenge
  • Mill did not have a working camera for monitoring bed height and shape, and neither a way to monitor bed temperatures
  • Control of SO2 is challenging without temperature readings.
  • Recovery boilers need to have a working camera monitoring the smelt bed to satisfy insurance requirements.

Valmet Furnace Imaging System, IR

Service agreement for unobstructed visual observation and measurement to control the recovery boiler. 

  • Reduction of SO2 levels with reliable temperature measurement
  • Temperature thresholds for each zone can be added with alarms
  • Allows 8 temperature zones to be defined by the user
  • Enables comprehensive observation and analysis at full load
  • Daily reporting capabilities
  • TCP/IP allows for remote monitoring
Keywords Boiler Diagnostics Systems, Recovery Boiler, Automation, North America