Super fast slitter positioning system in only five seconds!

Apr 22, 2015

Winder capacity and availability can be increased by minimizing winder downtime caused by slitter positioning during trim changes. Positioning with the Valmet slitter positioning system takes only five seconds. The key element of this new system is ...

Separate slitter positioning

Each top and bottom slitter carriage has its own linear motor for positioning and linear sensor for measuring its position. This allows each slitter band and blade to be positioned independently and immediately, resulting in significantly faster slitter positioning and winder restart. Manual positioning takes 180 seconds and conventional automatic positioning takes 60 seconds, but the new positioning method takes only five seconds.

The edge slitters can be transferred to the next target position while the web is still moving, so the operator does not need to go to the winder to tear edge trim ribbons by hand. This also increases capacity.

In addition, safety is improved because the slitters in the middle of the winder can be moved to the sides out of the operator's way for tail threading.

Valmet Slitter Positioning System Fast uses separate motors and sensors for ultrafast slitter positioning.Benefits

  • Higher winder capacity
  • Better winder availability
  • Improved safety
  • More accurate roll width dimensions
  • All winders, regardless of original supplier

Easy and fast upgrade

A manual or automatic slitter positioning system can be easily upgraded into the new positioning system in just a two-day shutdown. This is possible by a preassembled module construction that is bolted to the existing winder frame. Valmet’s typical delivery scope includes mechanical parts for the modification, automation including hardware and software for slitter control, installation supervision, training, and start-up assistance.

Quick payback

The payback time for such an upgrade can be as short as a few months, depending on process variables. A trial run in Valmet’s simulation program showed how with a transfer speed of 1,000 mm in five seconds it was possible to speed up positioning and increase winder capacity by 5%, resulting 100,000 EUR additional profit per month.

For more information on how you can speed up slitter repositioning, contact your Valmet representative.