Increase drying capacity with a Valmet Air Dryer Nozzle Upgrade

Jun 6, 2016

Existing air dryers with less efficient foil or float type nozzles used in double sided air dryers and impingement type nozzles in single sided air dryers can be upgraded by installing Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles. These can be installed without changing your dryer layout.

Up to a 50% drying capacity increase is possible with Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles.

Up to a 50% increase in drying capacity

Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles for air flotation dryers provide increased dryer capacity while improving web stability thru the dryer. This means faster speeds, less marking and fewer breaks. For a rebuild of float type nozzles to Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles 25% more evaporation capacity can be achieved. For a rebuild of foil type nozzle technology to Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles the increase in drying capacity can be over 50%.

In single sided air dryers a rebuild of impingement nozzles to Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles increases the drying capacity by up to 20%.


  • Increased drying through higher heat transfer
  • Better drying uniformity (increased efficiency)
  • Improved sheet stability, meaning less marking or sheet breaks
  • Ability to increase production
  • No change in coater layout, air system or dryer controls


Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles provide improved heat transfer.

Valmet Air Dryer Nozzles (left) with extended nozzles and raised screens improve heat transfer (right) in air dryers.

Lower costs with energy efficiency

Using more efficient air nozzles not only improves drying capacity, but also decreases energy consumption. Valmet’s nozzle design provides a higher heat transfer coefficient, thus transferring more energy from the impingement air into the coating/sheet. This results in more efficient drying and less energy loss to the exhaust air. Improved drying uniformity often means not having to over-dry the coating/sheet or further compensate with your IR dryers. This means more efficient dryers, thus lowering your operating costs. The higher evaporation (drying) capacity enables more production.

For more information on improving your drying process, contact your Valmet representative.