Enhanced efficiency at the PM 2 at Klingele in Weener

Mar 29, 2019

For many decades now, Klingele Papierwerke has been producing corrugated base paper and cardboard products which have always satisfied its clients. With its stable partnerships, flexibility, speed and latest technology, this family-run enterprise stands out. Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly production is no less important to the client than a team-oriented management style. State-of-the-art technologies, facilities and processes cap the company’s profile.


To monitor the efficiency of the PM 2 and detect any need for early action, Klingele has been conducting a production survey with Valmet for several years now. Thanks to long-term simultaneous data logging, the survey also provides information on the development of the machine, reflected in its increased efficiency over the years. In 2015, it was therefore decided to make yet another step in increasing the efficiency of the PM 2.

New opportunities to increase machine efficiency were discussed and investigated. The tail threading of PM 2 was rebuilt based on successful references with Valmet tail threading systems at Blue Paper in Strasburg.

For example, increased efficiency can be observed due to a higher threading speed in the predryer group. The higher vacuum of Valmet Hirun Web Stabilizers in the first dryer group leads to a noticeable reduction in tension, which reduces web breaks and thus results in higher availability. The increased vacuum also triggers improved paper web threading on the dryer fabric, all with the same level of energy consumption.

The delivery scope basically included the tail threading equipment for the press and predryer section, as well the Valmet Hirun Web Stabilizer 2E for the first dryer group. The tail threading process has been improved in the press section by using a Valmet Tail Threading Vacuum Conveyor Press unit with the corresponding blow nozzles, as well as in the predryer section by using several Valmet Tail Threading Double Fabric units and tail threading blows.

Installation was completed in March 2017. Thanks to intense planning, the entire Valmet project team was perfectly prepared for the downtime and remained completely on schedule. Valmet’s professional site planning and execution, an in-depth examination of the machine before the downtime, and many other factors, including all the project participants’ seamless cooperation, helped make the rebuild a success story.

At Klingele, everyone was very satisfied with the implementation of rebuild and the results achieved. The result was satisfactory, and defined objectives like tension reduction or simplified tail threading were met, concluded Johannes Reiners, Production Manager at the PM 2.


Valmet Hirun Web Stabilizer and Valmet Tail Threading Vacuum Conveyor Press: 

  • Improved paper quality
  • Improved operability and runnability
  • Fewer web breaks
  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Reduced production losses, reduced rope wear and reduced unplanned downtime
  • Improved safety for staff and machine components
  • Reduced waste, reduced need for spare parts


Published in Forward 1/2018 (German supplement)

All the objectives were met during this rebuild. Good cooperation led to the project’s successful implementation.”
Jörg Smidt, Senior Plant Manager at Klingele (on the left next to Dirk Petersen from Valmet)