Gain the benefits of continuous technology development - Advantage ViscoNip Service

With a great number of Advantage ViscoNip shoe press installations operating in production machines around the world, it has become the new standard for wet pressing in conventional Dry Crepe machines. Tissue producers everywhere are experiencing the list of benefits; from improved uniformity, major energy savings, increased product flexibility and quality, in addition to savings through fiber conservation.

Advantage ViscoNip ServiceTo keep your ViscoNip performing at peak, a ViscoNip Service program will ensure that all functions are kept fully operational. It includes all necessary actions to maintain the equipment in best possible condition.

The Service program for your ViscoNip includes inspections and recommendations for any replacement of parts that may be necessary. Operator training is also included, for the most efficient operation. The Service program covers essential ViscoNip Service actions needed during the lifetime of your equipment.

Recommended service intervalsViscoNip Service from Valmet will make your press operation safer and more reliable and help you avoid unplanned shutdowns. Your well maintained ViscoNip roll will continue to ensure the best pressing conditions for optimum capacity and product quality. Maintain the lowest possible energy consumption and keep up with any ViscoNip technology developments as they happen.

For more information on the ViscoNip Service program or to set up your own scheduled ViscoNip Service program, contact Bryan Cawkins at