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Efficient operation of fiber line sets high demands on screening efficiency. Important objectives are to reduce fiber loss and increase shives removal efficiency. All this should be achieved with a durable basket providing low screening costs.

Valmet Screen Basket NL has a wide selection of profile wires for all fiber line applications. With the right choice of profile wire the shive removal targets and minimum fiber loss can be achieved.

In coarse screening applications the best solution is Valmet Screen Basket HW hole screen basket. With Valmet surface profile and optimal open area the desired capacity and pulp quality targets are reached.

Wether a slotted basket or a hole basket is used, the high durability is provided by Valmet CoatL coating.




Pulp dryer capacity, runnability and pulp quality are the crucial parameters in pulp drying operation. The slotted basket is the right choice for pulp drying applications.

Valmet Screen Basket NL has a high slot width accuracy and comes with a wide selection of profile wires for all pulp drying applications. Therefore it is a natural choice when the desired capacity, pulp quality and fiber loss targets need to be reached.

When stringing is a crucial issue that needs to be resolved, Valmet Screen Basket NS is the right choice. Its accept channel is designed to give low flow resistance and therefore it is the best choice for medium and low consistency machine screen applications.

If improved basket life time is desired, the basket durability can be improved by Valmet CoatL coating.