Working safety and usability

Safe working conditions for all paper mill employees


Valmet's working environment improvements aim to ensure safe working conditions for all paper mill employees. A healthy and pleasant workplace is not only important for the well-being of employees, but it also improves their motivation and commitment, and consequently their productivity. All our products are engineered to meet applicable national and local safety standards.

Cleaner air, less noise, safe operations


Safety and usability play an important role in Valmet’s innovative paper and board manufacturing line engineering. Our working environment improvements consist of such items as dust and humidity control and indoor noise reduction solutions for cleaner and healthier machine hall air. The user-friendly engineering and innovative solutions further improve operator safety and thereby help to make machine maintenance and cleaning easier and more efficient.

One excellent example of working environment improvements is the design of our new modular OptiConcept M paper and board machine, which emphasizes usability, safety, and a good working environment. These are achieved through such features as new walkway configurations, access ways through the machine, integrated automation towers, handy mobile equipment, and an innovative fabric insertion unit.

Safety and usability2


Fabric insertion units simplify the fabric changing process by carrying the weight of frames and rolls on the tending side, without cantilevering.