Paper machine drying section

Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption

The task for the dryer section is to remove water from the paper web by evaporation. Typical methods for paper or board drying are multi-cylinder drying or air drying. Regardless of the selected drying method, it is vital to ensure maximum drying efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Valmet’s dryer sections feature optimized steam consumption with effective ventilation and heat recovery for energy-efficient operation. As the efficiency of the entire machine is affected by the runnability of the dryer section, open draws are minimized and the wet web is well supported at the beginning of the dryer section. This ensures trouble-free web transport and production, regardless of machine speed or grade. Controlled web shrinkage and stretch optimize end-product quality. Optimized geometry of single-fabric and double-fabric sections target even moisture profiles and flatness with minimum energy input.

The new air drying technology, including impingement drying, does not only boost energy efficiency but also contributes to improved machine efficiency in terms of higher speed and better runnability control throughout the production line. Combined with an effective heat recovery system, the line’s energy efficiency is further improved.

Whatever your grade, machine speed, or basis weight, Valmet provides you with an optimal drying solution. Our offering also includes rebuilds, components, and services, in addition to various drying analyses and optimization services.