Valmet DNA Drive Controls

The Valmet DNA Drive Controls (DNA Drive) control package combines control software, operator interface and engineering configuration of electric drives into one comprehensive package based on Valmet DNA dynamic network of applications.


Now, drive controls are integrated into the same control system together with machine controls, process controls and quality controls. DNA Drive can be used both with sectional drives and single drives.

Now, with DNA Drive package, the control logic, interlocks, tension controls, diagnostics, alarms, operator interfaces and engineering functions are combined into one network – Valmet DNA. Different types of drives can be connected to Valmet DNA. Older DC or AC drives can be connected to Valmet DNA with analog or serial interface and newer drives using a fast PROFIBUS interface. In rebuild cases, a mixture of interfaces to various generations of drives can be easily accomplished. PROFIBUS DP is available from all major drive suppliers.


  • Easy to operate due to uniform and effective operator interface.
  • Engineering configuration is streamlined with a single, name-based configuration language and uniform documentation.
  • Hardware redundancy is eliminated and there is a single set of spare parts. These advantages, plus the engineering efficiencies, results in long-term maintenance savings.
  • There are no separate data links between separate systems.
  • Open diagnostics allow quick problem identificationand solutions. There are no more black boxes.