Valmet Furnace Remote Inspection Camera

Valmet Furnace Remote Inspection Camera

Valmet Furnace Remote Inspection Camera allows a user to insert a camera inside the cooler sections of the boiler and see perpendicular to the direction of insertion-for example, allowing inspection of SCRs or between banks of heat exchanger tubes.

The unit consists of a CCD camera on the end of a vortex air-cooled, double-wall stainless steel tube. The air-cooling system allows the camera to withstand temperatures of up to 760°C for three minutes between cooling cycles. In areas where the gas temperature is 430°C to 480°C, the camera can be used for more than 15 minutes at one time. The tubes can be used in lengths as short as 1,2 meters or connected in sections to a maximum length of 6 meters.

This system is typically used in the upper furnace to look for heat exchanger tube pluggage. Application areas for the Valmet Furnace Remote Inspection Camera include the following. 

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR):

identifies ash deposits, ammonia spread pattern, and the observation and guidance of online cleaning.

Air Preheater:

Allows for seal inspection, identification of ash deposits and wear conditions.

Back Passes:

Provides visibility of slag conditions in reheat lanes.

Steam Drum:

Allows for inspection without waiting for cool-down.


Enables observation of chemical injection.

Valmet Furnace Online Imaging Services

We also offer imaging services. Our experienced field engineers are available to perform an extensive survey of your boiler. Conducted while your boiler or furnace is in operation, our inspections help you stay online longer.