Customer case:

Setting a new start-up record at Sun Paper Beihai PM1

Oct 3, 2021

In the fall of 2021 Sun Paper’s Beihai Mill successfully started up their new Valmet-supplied fine paper making line. The co-operation between Valmet and Sun Paper Beihai Mill has been going well, and during the start-up this world’s widest fine paper production line set a new record for the fastest start-up of fine paper machines: it took only 2 hours and 28 minutes from stock to reel. Sun Paper’s goal was to build a world-class mill in Beihai and the new PM1 is good addition to the mill’s operations.

Investment of Beihai site is an important action of Sun Paper Group’s upgrade and transformation, aiming to achieve synergistic interaction with the Sun Laos raw material base. The smooth start-up of PM1 allows us to move a big step towards the overall goal of Beihai base. I appreciated the hard work of the project teams from both parties and thank Valmet for its professional services as always. I wish the good cooperation continues in the future."

Li Lu, Chairman of Sun Paper Holding Group

World record fast start-up of Valmet supplied world's widest fine paper machine Sun Paper Beihai PM1



Sun Paper in Beihai, Guangxi providence, China

Solution A complete fine papermaking line with stock preparation, extensive automation scope and recovery boiler

The PM1 started up successfully setting the new fine paper making line start-up world record for the fastest start-up. The paper making line is producing 50-100g/m2 uncoated woodfree paper grades.

Keywords Paper & board, New lines, China


Technical data

Grades Uncoated Woodfree
Basis weight 50 - 100 g/m²
Reel width 10,515 mm
Design speed 1,800 m/min
Capacity 1,801 t/d
Delivery Scope