VII for Tissue Quality

In the tissue production process, there are several quality variables which can’t be measured or controlled until the jumbo roll is manufactured. VII for Quality is a solution for optimizing end product quality. The solution provides advanced data driven services to enable optimization of quality.

Process Performance KPI Monitoring

Online Quality Predictor​

Dynamic Centerline Advisor​

Pulp to paper Optimizer​

Performance Center

  • On-demand expert support ​in process, control and automation issues​
  • Upkeeping prediction accuracy and availability of applications​
  • Maintaining controls performance by remote tuning​
  • Quality reporting to customer 

Customer Portal

  • The platform offers real-time access to VII applications and dashboards to follow quality targets, access advanced guidance on how to run the process and analyze current running status. ​
  • Online collaboration and automatic alerts to Performance Center​

On-site services

  • On-site expert support for process optimization



  • Enable  manipulating raw material mix, chemicals and machine running parameters for lower production costs.​
  • Reduce variations to run process more stable and closer to specification