Maintenance and shutdown services

Controlling maintenance costs and keeping production assets in top working condition are some of the main requirements for pulp makers looking for reliable maintenance and shutdown services.

Our maintenance services include planning, executing and managing development and maintenance actions. This includes implementing annual shutdowns together with your team. Both own and outsourced resources are optimally utilized for minimizing unnecessary costs, schedule overruns and downtime.

With Valmet-wide network of skilled personnel and dedicated service workshops, we offer proactive maintenance management and timely execution through on-site reconditioning during shutdowns, modernizations, upgrades, process development and maintenance management and programs. Our maintenance and shutdown services are available regardless of the original technology supplier.


Baling lines - Maintenance and shutdown services

Baling Line Audit

Ensures optimal use of the installed equipment and maximizes efficiency while minimizing service costs.

Baling Service Agreement

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing availability.


Cutting - Maintenance and shutdown services

Cutter Layboy condition test

A program for determining the condition of a Cutter Layboy.




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