Spare parts and components

Valmet offers spare parts and spare parts packages for effective inventory and material management in pulp making. High availability of spare parts is essential in proactive shutdown planning and optimizing inventory, with the benefit of lowering the risk for part failures and reducing net working capital.

With the widest scope of reliable OEM-parts for Valmet machinery and approved replacement parts, we aim at easy purchasing and prompt deliveries. Valmet provides reliable purchasing of spare and wear parts with order tracking possibility and direct support with our experts in troubleshooting situations.

Spare Part Services

Ease of purchase, reliable and prompt logistics and information sharing.




HC refiners - Spare Parts and components

Refiner Exchange Service

A completely reconditioned drop-in unit, upgraded to the latest design.

Exchange system for SD refiners

Available to rapidly provide you a completely reconditioned, guaranteed drop-in unit.

Transroll Screw Exchange System

Reconditioned transroll screws upgraded to the latest design


LC refiners - Spare Parts and components

Shaft assembly

An overhauled and modified shaft assembly is available for all sizes of Conflo/OptiFiner RF refiners.


TwinRoll presses - Spare parts and components

TRP Roll Agreement

Reduces tied-up capital without sacrificing operational reliability.

TRP Roll Replacement

A new Replacement Roll will be available in different materials like EN1.4162, EN1.4462 and EN1.4410.

Spare Part Service Kit TRPE

Bearing Assembly Seal Kit - TRPE


Screening and cleaning - Spare parts and components

Exchange system for shaft assembly

Improved screen usability, shorter shutdowns and minimized storage level.