Automation solutions for food industry

Valmet has long experience in automation solutions for food production and biotechnology industries.

Modern food production plants such as dairies are quite complex units, which include a lot of automation. Products and production processes must be absolutely clean, which brings special requirements also for automation system and for measurement sensors.

High availability of automation is even more important in food industry than in other industries. There are no storages for the products. The entire production is based on orders. The amount of different products is quite high. Only completely automated processes based on sophisticated recipe controls can guarantee high quality of the products. The same applies also for biotechnology products, such as enzymes, which are manufactured in fermentation reactors.


  • Automation and information management systems
  • Automation system diagnostics
  • Field equipment condition monitoring
  • Process history data process operation and product tracking


  • High availability of automation and production process
  • High quality of end products
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Easy repeatability of process operations
  • Reliability and performance

Recent success stories

Inulin produced with help of Valmet DNA

Inulin produced with help of Valmet DNA

Sensus is a long-term customer for Valmet. The first automation system Damatic XD was delivered in the 1990s to the factory. Since then, the automation system has been upgraded continuously to include the latest Valmet technology, Valmet DNA.

Belgian cheese produced with help of Valmet DNA

Belgian cheese produced with help of Valmet DNA

Belgian cheese is produced by Passendale with help of Valmet DNA automation system. The outdated automation system was recently replaced with Valmet's automation.