The new up and running

Published Feb 12, 2006 15.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper has published its totally renewed Chinese web site at The design and contents of the new site conform to Metso Paper's global web pages, giving an overall view of Metso Paper's fiber and paper technology solutions, as well as introducing the company's local customer services in China.

New features include continuously updated global press releases in Chinese as well as bi-weekly changing articles on the front page. The renewal of will continue until April 2006, covering the product pages and customer magazines.

Metso Paper launched its first Chinese website in April 2003. The renewed website is a natural continuation to the commitment the company has on providing the Chinese pulp & paper industry with latest technology news in local language.

Metso Automation's Chinese web site has also been upgraded in conformity with Metso Paper's corresponding web site. The site can be accessed directly at or via navigation.

The internet industry is developing very fast in China. According to some statistics, more than 120 million Chinese surf on the net on a regular basis and high-speed connections are becoming more and more common. This applies also to the Chinese pulp and paper industry, which is growing at the fastest pace in the world.

Metso Paper's operations in China consist of offices in Beijing and Jinan, a service center in Wuxi, and a logistics and production center in Shanghai. In addition, the company has a joint venture in Xian.

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