Valmet sums up a good year of Pulper feed system sales

Valmet's dewiring technology sales has had a good year with many orders from the pulp, paper and tissue industry worldwide, which has strengthened Valmet's position as a leading supplier. The total value of orders received for the year is over 10 million euros.

Our long time focus on operator safety, easy operations and availability is paying off as more and more customers are turning to Valmet to improve line availability and safety.

Another key to the success worth mentioning is the advanced recipe handling with automatic correction for manually removed bales. This function is developed from Valmet’s advanced bale tracking functionality.  

“We have a good cooperation between our different technology areas within Valmet and today we can combine a complete delivery from Valmet to the customer, combining several technology areas into the same delivery. We have simply become better at packaging our solutions, which we see is appreciated, says Fredrik Almberg, Director, Flash drying and baling, Valmet.

Customers are choosing to automate for increased safety and capacity

This year´s large automated Pulper feed systems have mainly been sold to customers in Sweden and China, the remaining orders are a variety of smaller automated systems, manual dewiring stations and single machines. These orders come from, for example, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia and North America.

“With the orders won in 2021, we see an upswing in sales. A driving force is increased safety regulations in the industry, but more and more customers are also choosing to automate their dewiring in order to achieve disruption-free operation and increase production capacity. We have a flexible system and can offer manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. We are committed to moving our customers performance forward and by proposing the most efficient solution to each customer's unique needs we have been trusted with a lot of orders this year,” says Per Jangdal, Sales Manager, Valmet.

The center for dewiring technology is located in Sundsvall, Sweden and is part of Valmet's Flash drying and baling technology unit.


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Per Jangdal, Sales Manager, Flash Drying & Baling, Pulp & Energy business line, Valmet, tel. +46702946340

Fredrik Almberg, Director, Flash Drying & Baling, Pulp & Energy business line, Valmet, tel. +46705695756

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Valmet provides best available solutions for both pulp producing lines and pulp receiving lines. The Valmet Baling concept offers the most sophisticated technology of its kind in the world for baling operations in pulp producing lines.

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