Improving reliability with SymBelt maintenance (webinar)

Feb 1, 2022

Shoe press reliability is critical to maintaining an efficient pressing process. Proper care of the SymBelt system and equipment improves production outcomes, decreases unplanned downtime and extends equipment lifespan. The recommendations discussed in a webinar presented on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 provide an outline for approaching SymBelt maintenance which can stabilize operation and set a path toward exceptional reliability.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  • best practices for shoe press maintenance
  • typical inspection points for mill personnel
  • preventative maintenance tasks
  • how to address common issues
  • design modernization to support all vintages of Valmet's SymBelt shoe presses.

Click HERE to view this webinar presented by Nick Baltz.

Here is an excerpt from the webinar:

Regular maintenance for maximum performance

The SymBelt shoe press has proven itself as a reliable solution in efficient dewatering and increasing production line efficiency in the press section. Valmet’s SymBelt shoe provides significantly improved paper quality comparted to a conventional press, and adds dewatering capacity in the press section with fewer press nips. The resulting high dryness facilitates higher machine speeds, thanks to better runnability.

Timely and properly planned maintenance is essential to get the most out of your SymBelt roll and prevent damage. Regular maintenance intervals every four or five years extend the lifetime of the belt, ensure undisturbed runnability and result in better dryness. This all leads to energy and cost savings for you.

Understanding and implementing shoe press maintenance best practices results in:

  • predictable maintenance schedule and budget
  • less unplanned downtime (emergencies)
  • longer component lifespan
  • optimized process

Problems caused by lack of regular SymBelt maintenance

CorrosionLoading cylinders: corrosion

  • decreased nip load
  • uneven linear load in CD
  • disturbed nip profile

Load joints clamping: corrosion

  • clamps get out of tolerance
  • load joint won't open/close
  • more downtime when opening clamps

Oil leaksSeal and hose hardening

  • oil leaking problems
  • corrosion problems
  • extra shutdowns

Press shoe: scratches, corrosion

  • show movement problems
  • insufficient moisture profile
  • increased belt markings
  • decreased belt lifetime

For more information on maintaining your shoe press, watch the webinar and contact your Valmet representative.