Valmet Online Learning - reduce your mill's knowledge gap

May 24, 2016

The current pulp, paper and power industry workforce is growing older, with many retiring within the next five years. The new workforce lacks fundamental skills and knowledge to fill a rapidly expanding need. Training employees can be an expensive process. With growing reductions in staff, many facilities don’t have the people or the time to train their new operators.

Valmet Online Learning is affordable and effective training

Valmet can help you bridge the knowledge gap with our recently developed online training portal known as Valmet Online Learning - the affordable alternative to having someone come in and train your employees. It offers systems, equipment and in-depth process knowledge as well as both generic and fully-customizable training simulators for all of your pulp mill and power plant needs.

Wide range of Valmet Online Learning simulators

Valmet Online Learning includes a wealth of training simulators.

Our courses in pulp, paper, and power focus on many important areas. Here are just a few:

  • Fuel handling
  • Recovery boilers & evaporators
  • Heat-transfer & vaporization
  • Water treatment
  • Complete mill wide systems

Easy to use and customizable

Our system is self-paced, allowing supervisors to assign the courses they feel are important. And with 24/7 access, Valmet Online Learning is flexible enough to meet a new operator’s schedule. Valmet also offers a Train-the-Trainer option which targets experienced operators and team leaders, allowing them to better train your staff.

Through an intuitive and educational interface, we explain systems, equipment and process, and their effect on production. The idea behind our interactive learning method is that it can be used for not only basic training, but also refresher training, in-depth training, and as a support aid during day-to-day work. You can even add your own mill- or company-specific content. Click on the flyer and catalog in the Related Links section to see how easy it is to learn from the Valmet Online Learning training portal.

Individually based and globally accessible

Valmet Online Learning facilitates individual training programs, individual progress tracking, online tests and exercises that can be accessed at any time. Reporting features and statistics are available for supervisors and HR staff.

Valmet Online Learning is available in five languages, has more than 300 courses, and offers individual or role-based training programs. Our program allows you to create personal user accounts so the progress of one operator doesn’t interfere with any others. An added benefit of multiple user accounts is the ability to view individual progress tracking to see how well your employees are doing on the given tests and exercises. We also will give you storage space on our servers, so you can keep your training materials in one central location.

For more information on Valmet Online Learning and Valmet's different training offerings, contact your Valmet representative for demo access.