Valmet Superheater FuelDiet KCl Corrosion Management solution

Aug 26, 2015

Alkali chloride induced corrosion is one of the major risks and reasons for superheater maintenance in biomass and recovered fuel firing boilers in the power generation industry. The corrosion rate can be very high and may cause unpredictable failures and immediate need for shutdown.

The FuelDiet KCl Corrosion solution provides tools to control the risk of alkali chloride induced superheater corrosion, reduces fuel costs, increases transparency in power plant daily fuel and combustion management and provides a real time estimate of the remaining lifetime of the superheaters.

Action based on real-time sensing

The solution consists of the following blocks:

 Four performance levels

1) New type of sensors to gather information about the process atmosphere.

2) FuelDiet know-how and software platform for data analysis and decision making.

3) Measures and remedies such as FuelDiet control or additive feeding system and additives to control the challenge of high temperature corrosion.

Four performance levels available

Valmet offers four performance levels to cover varying power plant needs: monitoring, controlling, predicting and partnering. Monitor and control packages are available as stand-alone products. Predict and partner packages are agreement based services with a monthly fee.

Benefits for each performance level

For more information on Valmet's FuelDiet KCl corrosion solution or how your mill can reduce fuel costs, contact your Valmet representative.